Battersea Power Station main energy centre under construction

Battersea Power Station -
Main Energy Centre

JDZ industry leading service levels culminates in the extension of their existing 'Phase 2' appointment at Battersea Power Station to include the MEP technical project management of the MEC (Main Energy Centre) which will not only provide the primary heating and cooling services for Phase 2 but for the entire Batersea Power Station development.

Working closely with principle design and build contractor Vital Energi to deliver this high profile piece of infrastructure with numerous key dates and interfaces enabling the success of the other phases of the development.

The project involves the design, construction, setting to work and integration with the development wide phases of a new main energy centre, which at circa 7300M2 is one of the largest energy centres in the UK.

Across 2Nr Basement levels the energy centre includes main plant capacities to deliver total system duties;

  • Heating - 42.75MW
  • Cooling - 30MW
  • CHP - 7.3MW
  • Thermal Stores - 420M3
  • Electrical - 7.3MW

  • Using the South West and North East chimneys for the CHP and boiler flues we will be bringing two of the famous Battersea power station chimneys back to life. Although thanks to the exhaust gas treatment being used the emissions will be signifcantly cleaner than during their previous coal fired use!

    Use of borehole water for process water purposes will contribute to minimising the carbon footbrint of the energy centre.

    It is expected that the energy centre will generate carbon savings of 5000 tonnes per year.

    Client: Battersea Power Station Development Company

    Contractor: Vital Energi

    Project Value: £35M

    MEP Value: £35M

    Completion: September 2020

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