Technical project management process workflows

Technical Programme &
Project Management

We are market leaders in this field providing this service to the biggest clients and projects in the UK.

This area of our business has grown exponentially over the past 12 years and has been a real success for both us and our clients, and we see this as one of our key service provisions, where we have been able to make a real impact and provide added value on very large and complex projects.

Where complex build projects or predominantly MEP based infrastructure projects are involved we are able to provide technical MEP expertise for the successful Project management acting as client advisors to facilitate all of the sensitive touch points of the technical attributes within a project.

Complex build projects such as the Shard and Heathrow T2A require technical MEP expertise integrated into the wider client project management team to lead and deliver the MEP aspect of the project, on such appointments we would typically;

  • Manage principle contractor and MEP designers to act as client agent and provide an understanding on behalf of the client of the challenges set out before both the designers and installers
  • Maintain oversight on designers and installers in meeting their obligations under the contract
  • Lead all technical forums on the project
  • Maintain oversight that detailed design meets employers requirements
  • Maintain oversight that construction design meets employers requirements
  • Manage client change and subsequent impact
  • Manage risk and mitigation
  • Maintain oversight on quality of design and installation
  • Maintain oversight on commissionablity and testing and commissioning plans
  • Manage completion and handover of systems
  • For predominantly MEP projects such as infrastructure it just makes sense to use an MEP consultant independent from the MEP designers to complete the full project management role……

    In fact as demonstrated on The Peninsula London project a strong MEP design manager can readily become the overall project design manager to really help drive co-ordination and integration of key building services into the Arrchitectural and interior design delivery requirements of a project.

    We provide the service as required by the project from, our offices, the client offices, the site offices…..

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