Asset rating indicators


We provide all types of MEP surveys including;

Condition Surveys

Generally comprises a full visual survey of the MEP installation throughout the building by service element. Provides a written narrative of the installed services and through a scoring mechanism ranks the condition of each element and provides recommendations on short, medium and long term recommendations. Photographic survey is normally also included as an appendix and budget costs can be provided where required.

Pre-acquisition Surveys

Normally carried out on behalf of tenants looking to take some property combining a condition survey overlaid against tenant specific requirements to determine whether facility meets or can meet the final client requirements prior to entering into a lease / purchase agreement.

Life Cycle Replacement Plan surveys

By carrying out a detailed asset survey of all MEP systems and building them into a unique intelligent tabulated format we can facilitate a full Life Cycle Replacement plan for all installed MEP services over typically 10-25 year service cycle. This tool has proved invaluable to large estate owners in planning capital replacement works year on year and maximising opportunities with other projects to achieve optimal asset use and replacement plans.

Dilapidation surveys

Carried out on behalf of either the tenant or Landlord we provide a schedule of dilapidation at the end of a lease to determine the works and cost required to meet the terms of a lease on reinstatement at expiry.

Energy Surveys

Using our accredited energy surveyors we can provide;

  • EPC - Energy Performance Certificates
  • ACI - Air Conditioning Inspections

  • See Survey types we have delivered